Monday, March 14, 2011


Things seem to be going well. I am not gonna complain it never does any good. Instead of complaining, I am gonna start praying. :) Thats the best thing to do. 

Hmm.. where to start this time.

I did see Alex Pettyfer an Diana Agron when they were doing a Hot Topic tour for I Am Number Four. Alex is just so adorable, I got 4 fist bumps and a hug ^.^ Just so sweet! And Diana gave me an explosive fist bump and a hug, she was just super sweet. That was a great outing.

Last weekend Peter Facinelli was at the local mall here in Ewing, New Jersey. I helped support Children's cancer which is a huge part of me because of my amazing friend Sarah who is only 16 and has it.

This passed weekend was spent with Rae watching more of the Office! Yay I'm so glad she is liking it and enjoying the Jim/Pam relationship like I do. ♥

This coming weekend I am heading to Altoona to see my dad and chill there. I miss my dad. :( I really would love to move back home, I just don't think Matt would ever move there and that would be sad, we've been together 8 years I'd hate to end it over that. 

I will also get to see my brothers good friend and mine, Scott. Maybe we can do something in honor of my brother this weekend. We will have to figure it out. Just hope it all goes well. 

Um I think that is it for now, hopefully another post soon!